"I was convinced that we had to go global, but I had never taken a company global. So, I asked my contacts to recommend experts who could help and was introduced to COMPAS. With COMPAS’ methodical approach and software framework, we took our global thinking and business to the next level."

Marco Houwen
LuxCloud CEO (former)

LuxCloud goes Global


Luxcloud, as the leader in Cloud Service Brokerage with its HQ in Luxembourg and operations in BeNeLux, had the challenge to identify ways to increase it shareholder value given its limited regional market. One of the dimensions was to expand geographically.


Luxcloud's long-term success depended on mastering the "numbers game", in other words, onboarding enough customers to its platform to achieve economies of scale and become profitable. The team had to go beyond its home market borders to achieve this goal, but didn't know where, in which order and when to go. Additionally, the company lacked technical perspective and organizational expertise, from engineering to sales to support, when it came to executing its business model outside BeNeLux.


1. Goal-setting: With COMPAS' help, the team first delineated the “Global Stakeholders' Mandate" to send a clear message about what it meant to go global and what Luxcloud's vision was.

2. Prioritization: Using COMPAS' intelligence framework, Luxcloud systematically evaluated its global opportunities and determined which ones were the most lucrative investments in the long-term. The analysis yielded, for instance, that despite having extremely high market sophistication and large sizes, Japan and South Korea where poor candidates for expansion due to the complex localization requirements and Luxcloud's lack of expertise in doing business there.

3. Readiness. The team established global KPIs to track how ready each of the functional areas, not just sales, was for supporting the new global business model. Monitored and visualized with COMPAS' tools, these KPIs encouraged transparency and collaboration across previously siloed areas.


By adopting a rigorous approach to evaluating its own gaps in global readiness, the Luxcloud team became cognizant of various areas of improvement for its overall business, e.g. support the inclusion of a distributed network of resellers. The team established a blended approach to expand its footprint in target countries commercially. Luxcloud opened its own office in Singapore to manage Southeast Asia and built a network of resellers to execute in all the other prioritized countries.


  • Transformed BeNeLux-focused organization into an agile global company
  • Global team alignment across production, delivery & support

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