"The COMPAS team has been crucial in helping us navigate the path from our home market, Brazil, onto a global stage - including a global industry strategy and an optimal organizational structure"

Denis Maia
CEO, Choice Holdings Energy Intelligence

Choice Holdings Navigates Global Expansion Optimally


CHOICE provides innovative solutions for Utilities to improve billing and revenue collection. CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ employs sophisticated dig-data algorithms to accurately predict fraud probability and the associated financial return for each customer. Leading utilities confirm Choice provides the only proven commercial solution for once-a-month conventional meter readings. To maintain the early growth, Choice had to expand beyond a home market.


As Choice Holdings embarked on a global plan, there were many questions needed to be answered. What county offers the best ROI? Which country should be early expansion targets? How much to invest and in what areas? Choice needed both a systematic process to evaluate and a solution that brings the entire company collaborating on the strategy and exectution.


Completed COMPAS Processes:

  • Prioritized optimal target countries
  • Launched global-ready solution platform
  • Built global BD & partner team
  • Aligned team to global KPIs


Accelerated expansion to three additional countries. Through the Compas methodology and tool visibility were able to specifically focus resources on four key areas:

  1. Strengthen global billing
  2. Broader value proposition
  3. Country tax structure
  4. Country price optimization 


  • Global expansion delivers 6X shareholder value
  • Diversified global revenue to 70% in 3 years
  • Built a global leadership team of 8 nationalities

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